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BCC Risk Advisory support The Open Web Application Security Project foundation (OWASP.org) and assist the foundation with resources and subject matter experts which helps drive the OWASP mission of addressing the causes of application insecurity.

OWASP was founded over a decade ago in response to the need for accurate and high quality security advice and resources delivered via open source licensing.

OWASP's main aim is to represent the global application security industry and offer high quality solutions to security issues and to assist with knowledge and awareness of such issues within the software development community.

Additionally OWASP provides its members with a framework of guidance including methodologies and recommendations aimed at ensuring the very highest standards of leading-edge security testing.

Check out our free OWASP training slides and papers:

Building Secure Mobile Applications

Top 10 Security Defenses for Java Programmers

Application Security – Where do I start? / How do I approach application security? / HTTP basics / Secure storage / Injection / XSS / UI Redress / SSL-TLS / Virtual Patching & WAF / Access Control